Project 3) Woodland Photography

Date: On going

Brief Description: A journey to create peace out of the chaos. Woodland photography is fairly difficult. To take a scene that has so much detail and try to break it down to simplify the composition, giving an order to the busy chaotic scene is a challenge.

I love going into the woods. It is so peaceful there. The beauty and quiet has this calming effect on one’s inner being. Our eye can see and make sense of it all. But when taking a photograph that same scene becomes chaotic. The subject needs to standout in some way to separate it from everything else. To break down the composition to a simple form. The subject can be the light or colors itself and how it effects the scene. Or a specific tree or group of trees and how it blends to the rest of the area around it. It can be the mood that the image portrays either dark and foreboding, or mysterious.

And so I go in search of such scenes. Heading into different parks and forests. Near and far. When I find what I think would make a good image I have to evaluate whether I have the right conditions. Does it need some fog to create better depth and mood? Does the subject need better lighting conditions for it to stand out? Sometimes I am not so successful but when I am it is a wonderful feeling. In this project I will share the journey, the good, the bad and the ugly.

                                                                     (Click on the image to go to the gallery)

Woodlands Gallery

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