Project 2) Snoqualmie Falls On Ice - Completed

Date: December 11, 2009

Brief Description: I have seen images of the falls with icicles on the walls that looked really great. But they were all taken from the top viewpoints rather than from the base of the falls. I wanted to get the shot from the base of the falls and I wanted it to be a panoramic. I just needed the right conditions.

The morning news report was, “Ice is forming on Snoqualmie Falls” so I trekked down to the lower area of Snoqualmie Falls. After reaching the end of the trail I decided I would try to get closer to the river. The rocks in front of the falls were very icy and after almost falling multiple times I decided to stop where I was. My camera was mounted onto a Nodel Ninja which was attached to a tripod and leveled. This allowed me to take multiple rows images in specific positions which would allow the stitching of the images together to form the final panoramic image an easier process.

In all there were twenty eight images taken. Each image was adjusted in Lightroom software to ensure temperature and lighting settings were the same. Photoshop was used to stitch the images together to create the final panoramic image. There were two compositions I had in mind when I took the images. One placed the falls about 1/3 from the left side of the image using the river as a leading line. The other placed the falls in the center of the image which is the image I decided looked best.

Snoqualmie Falls On Ice

Untitled photo
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