Project 1) Seattle City Lights at Sunrise - Completed

Date: February 6, 2010 – Original Project           March 2020 – Processing Revisited

Brief Description: I love the Seattle city lights looking from Alki towards the city. The reflection of the lights on Puget Sound is breathtaking. At sunrise though, by the time the light gets interesting in the sky, the city lights disappear and the city becomes a silhouette. I wanted the best of both--bright city lights and the colors of a sunrise in the sky. To create the image I mounted my camera onto a Nodel Ninja which was attached to a tripod and leveled. This allowed me to take multiple images, at different times, in the same position. In all, twelve images were used to create the final product. Six from the early morning capturing the city lights and six in the early sunrise capturing the beautiful color in the sky. Using Photoshop, the first image of the sunrise was placed over the first image of the city lights and aligned. I then began to mask the image so the city lights could be seen. For the reflection on the water I adjusted the opacity so that you could see the city lights and still have some of the sunrise colors. This process was repeated for each of the six sets of images. Using AutoPano Giga software, the six final images were stitched together to create the final panoramic image. This image  was featured in the 2012 Panobook published by Kolor.

Re-processing the image: Brief Description: The original processing was pretty heavily done and took a long time to complete. I remembered more reds, oranges and yellows in the early sunrise. Using the skills I have acquired during the last ten years, since the original panoramic was done, I decided to reprocess the image. I believe the sunrise in the second panoramic better matches what I originally experienced at the time.

Original Image

Untitled photo

Reprocessed Image

Untitled photo
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